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Active from 2020 till 2021

yumuv – first regional MaaS with subscriptions

yumuv tears down the walls between cities in Switzerland by connecting all urban mobility into a single centralized app

Please, note yumuv was a research project that ran from August 2020 until December 2021

yumuv splash screen

yumuv highlights

yumuv’s purpose is to stimulate sustainable urban mobility in Switzerland by consolidating existing urban mobility options, strengthening public transport, and making the use of shared mobility hassle-free. It was born out of close cooperation between Trafi, Swiss Federal Railways SBB CFF FFS, and PTOs of Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich, Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe BVB, and BERNMOBIL

Regional MaaS

Connects mobility options in Zurich, Bern & Basel to start with


Allow travelers to split their allowance among different providers for the first time in Switzerland

Location privacy

Fully functional even with location tracking disabled, ensuring adherence to data security requirements

One app, one account, works everywhere

Quick one-time registration unlocks access to all yumuv services across Zurich, Basel & Bern. With yumuv riders can plan trips, purchase public transport tickets, book and pay for e-bikes, e-scooters, and soon – car-sharing

yumuv homescreen
BJORN photo

Björn Bender

“We find ourselves in a rapidly changing mobility environment. Speed and flexibility are highly essential to be on the market quickly. That is why we decided for Trafi as our technical partner for yumuv, as they could build on a tested solution, quickly adapt to the conditions of the Swiss market, and had proven experience in MaaS solutions.”

Head of New Mobility Services at SBB

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