Steering MaaS: from ideation to go-live with BVG & Trafi
Streamed live on December 3rd, 2019
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Route Planning App
Empowering cities to lead
the mobility (r)evolution
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Trafi MaaS Suite
Trafi enables cities and enterprises to launch and operate their own MaaS solutions. Our platform provides software that allows our partners to connect, understand and manage their mobility ecosystems.
Mobility as a Service
Mobility as a Service is a platform that enables cities to launch their own MaaS. It integrates all relevant public and private mobility service providers. Our white-label solution comes equipped with a robust multimodal routing solution that supports intermodal trip planning and diverse payment options, including subscriptions and mobility bundles. Trafi offers deep integrations that require users to set up their profiles one time only to pick, plan and pay for any services.
In one centralised white-label app users can:
Look for mobility options around them
Plan trips
Compare different types of transport
Book and buy public transport tickets
Book and pay for shared transportation vehicles
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Dr Christoph Franz and Alexander Diehl are appointed as two new Trafi's Advisory Board members, and bring along decades of leadership experience in key areas such as mobility and entrepreneurship.

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Berlin is the first city in the world that made the decision to operate MaaS services themselves. Trafi together with BVG, Germany’s main public transport company, launched Jelbi: a one-stop-shop mobility service.

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Lyft decided to broaden its services beyond ride-hailing by integrating public transport into its core service offer. This was made possible thanks to Trafi’s routing and data management algorithms.

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Why cities,
why now?

Cities are facing a growing number of mobility issues. Some of the new problems arising are the new mobility modes disrupting our cities and ride-hailing giants trying to monopolize the market. Therefore, cities are the only stakeholders who have the power to orchestrate the entire mobility ecosystem with the human at the center of its preoccupations.
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Already moving with Trafi
“ Jelbi is the world’s largest MaaS deployment today. This is the first time in the history of Berlin that everyone who wants to travel in the city has access to all different types of mobility in one solution. ”
Dr. Henrik Haenecke
Former Management Board Finances, Digitization and Sales​ at BVG, Berlin
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Trafi is made up of over seventy mobility enthusiasts in three hubs – Berlin, London and Vilnius. We’d love to meet you, so drop by and say hello.
Neue Schönhauserstraße 3-5
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