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Launched in 2023

Floya: a new dimension of mobility in Brussels

Floya – the pioneering MaaS app at the heart of Brussels’ Good Move mobility plan.

Floya MaaS loading screen


The ambitious objectives of the Good Move plan in Brussels come a step closer to reality with the launch of Floya – a journey planning app to boost sustainable mobility in the Belgian capital.  Floya will contribute to the city’s target to become carbon neutral as well as reduce household travel expenses by providing tailored mobility offerings and real-time travel assistance for citizens[1]. Floya features underground, trams, buses, e-scooters, e-bikes, and car-sharing services with an in-app ticket purchase option and more to come!

[1] – Good Move plan (pg. 4).

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Floya is the first Brussels all-in-one mobility-as-service app

Jointly developed by Brussels Mobility, and STIB and powered by Trafi and Eviden - Floya is all set to serve the needs of Capital Region citizens. 

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Best Branding Award 2023


Floya earned its graphic designer Truffle Bay the award for the best mobility app branding by iF Design. Find out more here.  

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Integral Component of the Brussels SUMP

Floya app is a part of the Brussels regional mobility plan 2020-2030, also referred to as the Good Move plan, with the purpose of reinforcing mobility services within the capital region.


Unified Urban Travel Experience

Users can compare their travel options with offerings from different transport operators in Brussels to discover which mobility mix is right for them. From underground to trains, buses, trams, and many shared mobility options. 

floya app main screen picture

Beatrice Paque

Senior Vice President Marketing at STIB

“Trafi has helped the STIB-MIVB to create Belgium’s first Public MaaS app for B2C. We are very pleased with the results and are sure this app will help the people living and coming to Brussels to navigate more easily and enhance their quality of life. It regroups all the different local mobility providers in 1 app, so you do not need different apps to move around in Brussels. The big advantage for the customer is that he can plan, book, pay & travel in one app. Trafi could use its previous experience of building a similar app for Berlin to support our launch in Brussels which made them the ideal partner to build our app.”

Elke Van Den Brandt

 Brussels' Minister of Transport

"For a long time, many Brussels residents identified with a single way of commuting: car driver, cyclist, or public transport user. It is too bad because real freedom is found in the intersection of all the options! Floya will make it even easier: by metro in the morning because it's faster, on foot in the evening, because it's nice, by taxi to get home from dinner, by bike to run errands, in a shared car to bring your grandma the doctor and this weekend, by train to visit an exhibition. Everything is complimentary. Take Floya out of your pocket, it will give you all the options! We are sure that this new MaaS will make it possible to make truly multimodal Brussels residents and visitors"

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