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Launched in 2017

Trafi Vilnius – first MaaS that reinvented mobility in the Baltic states

Trafi Vilnius was created to make it easier for residents and tourists to move around the city. The app-based solution offers real-time public transport information, ticket purchasing, and live directions, empowering users with a convenient tool for everyday usage in the Lithuanian capital.

Trafi Vilnius splash screen

Trafi Vilnius highlights

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Used by 80% of all public transport users

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500.000 tickets sold monthly via the app 

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4 million trips are planned every month 

Vilnius transport in one place

A pool of different transport modes from buses to trolleybuses, ticket purchases, and intermodal routing with live directions. 

Trafi Vilnius main screen
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Remigijus Šimašius

“Trafi helps Vilnius citizens optimize their day to day commute and discover more modes of traveling through the city. I am thrilled and proud that Vilnius reached the point where we can share best practices with other cities regarding Smart City initiatives in the digitalization area. Taking as an example of Germany, where they are interested in learning and replicating how to provide faster and easier access to public services.”

Former Mayor of Vilnius

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