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Launched in September 2019

BVG Jelbi – all urban mobility in one place

BVG Jelbi is the only Berlin’s mobility app that integrates all public and shared mobility options into a one-stop-shop

BVG Jelbi loading screen

Jelbi highlights

At the heart of Berlin public transport authority BVG’s smart mobility strategy #Berlinsteigtum is the initiative to connect every shared mobility offer in the German capital into a single marketplace for its residents to provide an attractive alternative to private cars


Record time project delivery: just 6 months from the word go to launch


Now, grow the user base, next, expand multimodality, after that – promote sustainable mobility


Exclusively deep integrations with all mobility service providers to ensure complete trip experience


All mobility in Berlin in one place

More than 15,000 vehicles accessible, including every kind of public and shared mobility, ready to be booked in a moment’s notice right from the app

logos of integrations
BVG Jelbi-Home screen
person_jakob_michael_heider photo

Jakob Michael Heider

Head of Jelbi at BVG

Why Berlin?
Why MaaS?

 “When BVG started to look for a trusted partner to launch a Mobility-as-a-Service solution in Berlin, we were mostly looking for speed, agility, and top-notch customer experience. These are exactly the things that Trafi offered us. As an independent start-up, Trafi brought us the possibility to integrate all partners in record time. And even more importantly, we share the same vision: letting cities orchestrate their mobility networks to drive the push from private to shared mobility.”

Jelbi: from ideation to go-live by BVG and Trafi

  • Successful MaaS starts with deep level Mobility Service Provider (MSP) integrations

  • Technology moves fast but reliable integrations cost time, start as soon as possible

  • Products have to be continuously developed and grown, expect constant learning and change

  • Organic growth takes time, is relatvely easy and steady

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