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Transform Your City’s Mobility

We offer all-in-one Mobility-as-a-Service white-label solution that includes a customizable app, complete with back-office capabilities, a cutting-edge mobility intelligence platform, and mobility budgets.


Our solution seamlessly extends your public transport network with deep MSP integrations, offering riders more options, greater flexibility, in-app ticketing purchase and increased accessibility to get where they need to.


White Label App

App & Back Office

User verification

With Trafi’s solution, the user will only need to register his/her account once, validate the driving license once and add payment method once – to use it for all journeys with all transport modes – no need for pre-registration with individual mobility providers.


In-app ticketing

Trafi’s platform supports different ticket types and complex fare structures to let users choose according to their needs – from single tickets to bundles, monthly passes and special offers. Ticket wallet is easily accessible and validity period is visible at all times for minutes-based tickets to let users feel confident during the journey. 


Intermodal routing with real-time accuracy 

Trafi’s routing engine reflects specific constraints and preferences of the users, allowing for combinations of different transport modes. All recommendations are based on the real-time schedules, vehicles’ availability and pricing to allow the most informed decision. Push notifications for disruption, delays and constructions are provided for planned itineraries on top of core routing to improve the accuracy of the results one the go. To improve the accuracy of ETA and price estimate for on-demand vehicles, vehicle speed maps are incorporated.



Reserve and unlock any vehicles with a single app. We developed a universal QR code scanner compatible with different MSPs.


On-the-go guidance

Real-time travel assistance allows commuters and tourists to avoid getting lost and arrive at the destination with confidence and hassle-free. 


Real-time vehicles

The industry’s leading vehicle tracking in real-time feature makes it easier to navigate through the city. Provide visibility of your fleet without any additional hardware.



One payment method to cover all mobility expenses – we support different payment logics and means: PayPall, debit cards, credit cards.


End-of-trip validation

Completing the journey fully compliant with local regulations and service provider requirements: geo-fenced, photo-proofed and proactively supporting your city’s effort to increase the cohabitation between micromobility users and pedestrians.


Support from providers

Effortless access to support from service providers are available at all times from the level of the app. All requirements, instructions and recommendations for specific transport modes are embedded to minimize the friction on the user.


Back-office: administration tool for MaaS Operators

The Back Office is designed to offer support and analytics tools to make sure you get maximum value from the deployment with minimum hussle. GDPR compliant by design, our Back Office gives you access, as the MaaS operator, to the tools you need to operate a MaaS scheme day to day. 

Key features include:

  • Responding to user-reported issues and gathering feedback to drive continuous improvements.

  • Detecting likely fraudulent transactions

  • Restricting access to specific vehicles (e.g. expensive shared cars)

  • Generating financial and usage reports

  • Running marketing and information campaigns

  • Managing promotion and discount campaigns

  • Monitoring the performance of the solution in real-time



Trafi cares about its clients and provides the highest service & support quality: 

  • Yearly downtime per client <1h

  • Never charged any penalties due to SLA breach

  • Trafi’s support team responsiveness –  9.6/10

  • Client satisfaction with Trafi’s team – 9/10

Promotions and special offers

We support marketing campaigns, discounts, vouchers and tailored offers to specific user groups to nudge, reward and reinforce the travel behavior you wish to become a default one.


Mobility Intelligence Platform

Mobility Intelligence Platform

Static data management

Enables to refine and enhance public transport data such as stops locations, schedules, shapes as well as fares.


Real Time data mapping & ETA

Enables to track the amount of vehicles mapped to the schedule for the real time predictions.


Disruptions management system

Enables monitor and publish temporary disruptions and changes. 


Mobility Budgets

Mobility Budgets

Nudge local employers, reinforce their mobility policy and increase your direct revenue with our MaaS extension dedicated to business – a toolkit to reduce company-cars dependency and boost green commuting by your employees. Local employers use the tool to administer Mobility Budgets for their employees, who can then use their city’s MaaS app to plan & pay for their sustainable journey, with pre-allocated budget.

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