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Today Trafi launches the world’s largest MaaS in Berlin

We are proud to announce the official launch of Jelbi — the largest MaaS solution in the world. This is the result of a joint partnership between Trafi and Berlin’s public transport authority BVG. Jelbi offers a Mobility as a Service platform that deeply integrates all types of transportation in the city. Today, we announce the end of the beta phase and brand new additions to the Jelbi family.

As of today, Jelbi will cover all different types of transportation in Berlin, making it the largest Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in the world. It is the first mobility service to combine such a large amount of deeply integrated transportation providers. Initially, it will include twelve types of transport, representing each possible way of moving around the city — as well as walking. Using Jelbi, you will find buses, trams, trains, ferries, the metro, and shared mobility options such as bikes, e-kick scooters, e-scooters, shuttles, car-sharing, and taxis. All at the click of a button.

Fresh for the launch, ViaVan’s BerlKönig shuttles and Tier’s e-kick scooters will join the Jelbi family, with Taxi Berlin following in a few weeks. They complement the already existing partners in form of Emmy, Miles Mobility, Nextbike, Deutsche Bahn (S-Bahn) and the full public transportation network of BVG.

The connected integrated mobility network combined with real-time routing makes it easy to plan, pick and pay for your journey. You don’t even need to sign up with any additional providers. Instead, you are shown the complete set of prices and ETAs transparently, and you can keep all your tickets in one place.

“Together with BVG, we are happy to launch the largest MaaS solution in the world: Jelbi. Ensuring both depth and width, Trafi’s whitelabel solution combines a high number of integrated transport providers with a truly convenient customer-experience. Berlin is a great first step to showcase what technology can do for transportation, but we are not stopping there. Later this year, we are adding even more cities and countries to our portfolio. We provide software that helps urban areas to manage and improve holistic mobility networks — by themselves, for their citizens and in real-time”, said Martynas Gudonavičius, CEO & Co-Founder at Trafi.

Facts and figures

In this short section, we’ll take you through some first insights into how Jelbi has been used during the first three months of being live.

  1. It is MasSive: Jelbi already has around 13.000 vehicles across the city available for users — from private providers to the public transport network. This makes the platform the largest MaaS solution in the world, and mobility on-demand a current reality.

  2. People use it: The ambition with Jelbi is to make it Berlin’s one-stop-shop for mobility. After only three months, people using Jelbi are already averaging 2,3 rides per week, fueling our vision to make it your daily travel companion.

  3. People like it: Launching a new mobility service in the strong competitive landscape, Jelbi is heavily focusing on the user experience — and it shows. People don’t only use Jelbi, they like it. 60% of all downloads convert into users registering.

  4. Most popular mode: During the summer months, bike-sharing has been the most popular micromobility option of all. Maybe it is a trend towards physical mobility, or it is showing just how bike-friendly the Berlin summer was.

About Trafi

Founded in Vilnius, Lithuania, Trafi has been revolutionizing urban mobility since 2013. Our MaaS platform is designed to run even the most complex transport systems and has been trusted by Berlin (BVG), Brussels (STIB), Portsmouth & Southampton (Solent Transport), Munich (MVG), and Zurich (SBB).

Trafi’s mission is to empower cities with state-of-the-art MaaS solution that helps to tackle their mobility challenges and to achieve ambitious sustainability objectives. Our white-label product offers all the features and components needed to launch your own-branded MaaS service. With more than 50 existing deep integrations to mobility service providers and payment facilitators, we help to reduce risk, cost, and time-to-launch for new services.


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