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Whistleblowing Channel

If you are aware of any suspected or actual illegal, unethical or inappropriate events relating to Trafi, please report them via our whistleblower channel at or by mail sent to the following address:

Rinktines g. 5, LT-09234, Vilnius, Lithuania

You are welcome to report in a form of your choice, but please provide as much details below as possible:

  • Details about you (name, last name, personal code, workplace, position, relation with Trafi, telephone number or other contact information). It is not mandatory to fill in the details about you. But if you will, we guarantee your confidentiality.

  • Details about the person or persons who committed the breach (name, last name, workplace, position). Are there other persons who were or could have been involved in the breach? If so, indicate who they are. 

  • Details of the witness or witnesses to the breach, if any. Are there other witnesses to the violation? If so, provide their contact details.

  • Information on the breach. What breach are you reporting? What kind of breach is this? Place and time of the breach. When did you learn about it or notice it? Have you already reported this breach to anyone? If so, who did you notify, and did you receive a reply? If you have received an answer, please indicate its essence. 

  • And any additional remarks and comments you can provide in relation. Also, please attach all the data you have (if any) which could support the investigation of the breach. 

We guarantee your confidentiality, anonymity and protection against discriminatory or retaliatory personnel action. You are also welcome to report anonymously.

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