A hand holds a smartphone with the MVGO app on it in front of lush foliage
A hand holds a smartphone with the MVGO app on it in front of lush foliage

We’re Live in Munich!

We’re happy to announce that we’re live in Munich with MVGO!

Following our success with Jelbi in Berlin, we’re thrilled to be launching in Germany’s third largest city. Created in partnership with Munich’s public transit authority the Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft, or MVG, MVGO is an all-in-one platform that connects Munich’s shared mobility services in one place. Users can find, book and pay for a combination of mobility services – including car sharing, public transport, bikes and scooters – from the MVGO app. 

Convenient access to thousands of vehicles

In addition to all of MVG’s public transport services, such as buses, trains and trams, thousands of vehicles from big names in shared mobility – Voi’s kick-scooters and Emmy’s mopeds, to name a few – are available in the app. More mobility service providers are set to be integrated soon.

Unique to this launch is the integration of the M-Login portal, a digital account service that enjoys immense popularity amongst Munich’s residents. M-Login lets people access a variety of city services, such as viewing and paying for parking fees, utility bills or monthly tickets, from one account. Users who already have an M-Login account can now access the MVGO app with the same login credentials, making for a more convenient travel experience. 

Tackling car ownership in Germany’s most congested city

There are 700 cars for every 1,000 residents in Munich – that’s twice as many as there are in Berlin. Even though their public transport system is highly regarded as being one of the most efficient and well-designed within Europe, privately owned cars make up the majority of trips taken in Bavaria’s capital. That’s why we made it our goal to help MVG provide the people of Munich with a convenient, user-friendly and multimodal MaaS system: we want to encourage the transition to shared mobility and help people move away from private cars, one congested city at a time. 

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For details on MVGO, check out our web page