Trafi & BVG to launch a mobility service for Berlin

  • Today Trafi, the technology platform for mobility, and BVG, the main public transport company in Berlin, are announcing a new partnership to connect the majority of mobility providers in the city.
  • Trafi and BVG are launching a multimodal mobility service under the name of Jelbi, making it possible for people in Berlin to use different kinds of mobility modes seamlessly in one place – from planning to consumption.
  • It is the first time that a European city the size of Berlin deeply integrates an entire mobility network, spanning across public and private operators, in order to make it easier for people to access and use different types of transport.
  • The application is a white label solution powered by Trafi’s technology and branded under the BVG flag. People will be able to use the app from this summer, and it will be available on both iOS and Android.

BERLIN – Trafi, the technology platform for mobility, and Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), the main public transport company in Berlin, are today announcing a new partnership set to elevate multimodal mobility services in the German capital. This summer, Trafi, and BVG will launch a new application called Jelbi. The app will include all different types of transportation in the city and offer a one-stop-shop for people traveling in Berlin.

Jelbi is the most encompassing attempt at connecting new and traditional transportation in a city the size of Berlin. The app will include the entire public transportation system, scooters, bikes, ride-hailing, and carsharing, as well as traditional taxis. Users can say goodbye to app-jumping, as all mobility modes will be deeply integrated and accessible. You only need to register once to access the full range of the transportation types. Planning, booking, and consuming is all part of the Jelbi app, and you don’t need to sign up with any additional companies. For the upcoming launch, ten-fifteen private providers will be integrated. The service is being continuously extended to include more options and will be available on both iOS and Android.

“Ninety years ago the founding idea for BVG was to offer an easy access to mobility: one ticket for all different services. Thanks to new innovation we are now realizing this idea with a solution fit for the 21st century. With one single app you can easily plan and purchase your journey, no matter what type of transport you prefer. Based on Trafi’s technology platform, we are able to once again offer a single and fully encompassing mobility solution for the people of Berlin”, says Dr. Henrik Haenecke, Management Board Finances, Digitization and Sales​ at BVG.

“The partnership between Trafi and BVG represents a bridge between traditional and innovative mobility solutions. In Berlin, we are now spearheading how transport providers and cities can run their mobility network with innovative technology. Trafi has been able to build a tailor-made application in record time and together with BVG, we are proud to launch a service representing the future of mobility ​now​”, says Christof Schminke, Managing Director Germany at Trafi.

Trafi’s technology suite makes it easy to connect different types of mobility in a city. We offer a digital infrastructure that enables the city, people and transport providers to act in close collaboration. From real-time routing and user analytics, to purchase and personalization, Trafi provides whitelabel solutions for both private and public companies looking to enhance their mobility services.

About BVG

Berlin’s public transport company, the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), is the engine that moves Berlin and has been doing so for 90 years. With its dense network of lines, state-of-the-art vehicles, and efficient service, BVG is Germany’s largest municipal transport authority. The BVG transport network is made up of ten underground railway lines (U-Bahn), 22 tram lines, and more than 150 bus lines, as well as six ferries, and provides mobility around the clock, 365 days a year. The employees of the BVG corporation operate a fleet of around 3,000 vehicles, serving more than 3.5 million inhabitants across a catchment area that covers some 1,000 square kilometers. More than a billion passengers use the buses and railways operated by the BVG every year.

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About Trafi

Founded in 2013, Trafi is a Lithuanian tech start-up. Trafi is working shoulder-to-shoulder with cities, countries, and companies worldwide to create the best in class Mobility-as-a-Service alternative for congested cities. Trafi offers cities the possibility to connect all mobility services into one single platform where users can check itineraries and also book their tickets and trips. 

Trafi’s mission is to empower cities’ urban transportation with technology and know-how and encourage citizens to use more sustainable modes of transportation by accessing all services into one single platform. Trafi is currently live in 4 continents around the world and 7 cities.