Trafi partners with emmy, MILES, TIER, and Voi to drive the switch to shared transportation

  • To make it even more convenient for cities to launch Mobility as a Service solutions, Trafi has closed strategic partnerships with leading shared mobility companies.
  • emmy, MILES, TIER and Voi intend to be deeply integrated in Mobility as a Service solutions Trafi will launch in cities they operate in.
  • Cities running on Trafi’s whitelabel solution are now promised an even faster and more seamless onboarding of private providers, thus bringing value to residents as fast as possible.
  • Users will be able to plan, book, but also pay for all services provided by emmy, MILES, TIER, and VOI in future city-led mobility apps, eliminating friction in how people travel around.

BERLIN — emmy, MILES, TIER, and Voi are now officially joining forces with Trafi to connect traditional and new types of mobility and drive the switch from private to shared transportation modes.

To fulfill most cities’ need to provide alternatives to individual cars, all citizens need to have access to other convenient and flexible ways to get around. By committing to integrate their services in future mobility solutions powered by Trafi, the four private providers demonstrate their willingness to complement public transport seamlessly and make the transition to shared mobility smoother for both cities and residents.

Users will be able to plan, book, but also pay for all their trips with public and private transportation providers directly in one app, thus allowing them to use all services in one environment with a single master account, and removing obstacles in how people travel around the city.

Cities working with Trafi now benefit from an even faster and more seamless integration of private providers, thus bringing value to residents as fast as possible. Having launched the largest MaaS solution in the world in Berlin, Trafi can boast a highly recognized technology stack and extensive experience working with both municipalities and private providers.

“In recent years, Trafi has proven its ability to work hand in hand with cities and Mobility Service Providers alike to connect all types of mobility under one roof,” says Christof Schminke, Managing Director Commercial at Trafi. “We are now very proud that emmy, MILES, TIER and VOI have decided to partner with us as we build bridges between the people, the public transportation networks, and new mobility modes to achieve our mission of providing alternatives to the private car.”

“At Voi we strongly believe that changing traffic for good can only be achieved if public and private partners join forces”, says Claus Unterkircher, General Manager for the DACH-Region at Voi Technology. “This is why we are especially excited to announce our cooperation with Trafi. There is no doubt that the future of mobility lies in multimodal and app-coordinated solutions — with Trafi we have now teamed up with one of the leading developers in the field.”

About Trafi

Founded in Vilnius, Lithuania, Trafi has been revolutionizing urban mobility since 2013. Our MaaS platform is designed to run even the most complex transport systems and has been trusted by Berlin (BVG), Brussels (STIB), Portsmouth & Southampton (Solent Transport), Munich (MVG), and Zurich (SBB). 

Trafi’s mission is to empower cities with state-of-the-art MaaS solution that helps to tackle their mobility challenges and to achieve ambitious sustainability objectives. Our white-label product offers all the features and components needed to launch your own-branded MaaS service. With more than 50 existing deep integrations to mobility service providers and payment facilitators, we help to reduce risk, cost, and time-to-launch for new services.

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