Three screenshots from the Trafi mobility app on a purple background.
Three screenshots from the Trafi mobility app on a purple background.

Product Update: Stationary Rentals

We’re proud to add one more mobility mode to our MaaS solution: stationary rentals! Starting today, Trafi users will be able to reserve their shared cars or bike rentals in advance.

This was made possible thanks to our MaaS technology and a new payment model that covers rental requirements. This is exciting news because now our MaaS app covers all payment and booking models for mobility services: pay-as-you-go, subscriptions, and stationary rentals. 

The stationary rental model allows users to reserve their vehicle of choice in advance, pick it up from a fixed rental station and return it to the same or other fixed location designated by the mobility service provider. A huge benefit for users is that there’s no need to complete a time-consuming, traditional registration process with the rental service provider to use the vehicle – if their driver’s license is validated in the Trafi MaaS app, they can use the service instantly. 

The booking flow of the stationary rental vehicle is simple and intuitive. Within the app, the user (1) chooses if it’s going to be a one-way or return rental, (2) and then selects the reservation start and end dates, (3) the station or stations and (4) the vehicle they want to rent. The user will be automatically notified 30 minutes prior to the start and end of the rental period.

At Trafi, we’re committed to adding more modes and functionalities to our MaaS solutions and to continuously improving our services so they can replace the need for personal car ownership.

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