Lessons from launching Mobility as a Service with BVG & Trafi

As the mobility (r)evolution heats up, cities seeking Mobility as a Service solutions find themselves struggling with burning practical and methodological questions. This webinar will answer the most pressing ones and give you a roadmap to how startups and public institutions can work together to orchestrate mobility. Together with our partner BVG (Berlin’s public transport authority), we will let you in on our collaboration and how our joint MaaS app came to life.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Join the webinar and learn how Berlin’s public transport authority BVG and mobility software company Trafi built and deployed Jelbi – the largest MaaS solution in the world.

About Trafi

Founded in 2013, Trafi is a Lithuanian tech start-up. Trafi is working shoulder-to-shoulder with cities, countries, and companies worldwide to create the best in class Mobility-as-a-Service alternative for congested cities. Trafi offers cities the possibility to connect all mobility services into one single platform where users can check itineraries and also book their tickets and trips. 

Trafi’s mission is to empower cities’ urban transportation with technology and know-how and encourage citizens to use more sustainable modes of transportation by accessing all services into one single platform. Trafi is currently live in 4 continents around the world and 7 cities.

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