Say hello to Berlin’s new one-stop-shop for mobility

Today, Trafi and Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), the main public transport company in Berlin, are launching a pilot version of Jelbi — the first mobility app to connect all different types of transport in the city. The mobility service is a one-stop shop for people traveling in Berlin.

Making it easy to plan and purchase all your trips in the same place, users can say goodbye to app-jumping, difficulties finding a convenient route and tiresome registration processes. With Jelbi, you only need to register once to access the full range of mobility in Berlin. Planning, booking and buying your trip is all part of the app, and you don’t have to sign up with any additional companies. Instead, we keep all your trips and tickets in one place.

Jelbi is the first mobility service in the world with so many deeply integrated transportation providers, and it will be available on both iOS and Android. The pilot phase is starting today, on the 11th of June 2019, and already offers people the opportunity to use the entire public transit system as well as Nextbike (bike sharing), Emmy (e-scooter sharing), and Miles (car sharing) seamlessly within Jelbi.

Later this summer follows BerlKönig (ride-sharing shuttles), a joint effort from BVG and ViaVan. Shortly thereafter Taxi Berlin should be fully integrated and after the approval of e-kick scooters, Tier will be next in line. In the future, other mobility modes will be added gradually and the list is long — around 25 transport providers have already expressed their interest in joining Jelbi.

Trafi’s ready-to-use technology makes connecting various types of transportation modes effortless. Offering the world’s most advanced mobility software, we make it possible for people, transport operators and cities to connect on one platform. From real-time routing and multimodal solutions, to purchase and ticketing, Trafi provides whitelabel solutions for both private and public companies. We are so happy to finally be able to say hello to the much anticipated Jelbi — Berlin’s new all-in-one app for mobility.

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About Trafi

Founded in 2013, Trafi is a Lithuanian tech start-up. Trafi is working shoulder-to-shoulder with cities, countries, and companies worldwide to create the best in class Mobility-as-a-Service alternative for congested cities. Trafi offers cities the possibility to connect all mobility services into one single platform where users can check itineraries and also book their tickets and trips. 

Trafi’s mission is to empower cities’ urban transportation with technology and know-how and encourage citizens to use more sustainable modes of transportation by accessing all services into one single platform. Trafi is currently live in 4 continents around the world and 7 cities.